Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day Four

What you ate today

Well, let me start out by saying that I spent most of Labor Day weekend at an outdoor arts, music, and food street fair, so I was indulging on a lot of things that I don’t typically eat.  But it was all so delicious and it only comes around once a year, I was totally okay with allowing my taste buds to dictate what went in my mouth.  I’ll just run an extra day this week to offset any leftover guilt I feel.

On Friday, September 4th I made scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for my guy and I, which is fairly typical of our weekend breakfasts as it is.  After that and before lunchtime I snacked on leftover veggies and ranch dip from the football food spread.  I think lunch was a turkey and cheese flat bread sandwich and a handful of crackers.  Our dinner that night came from a BBQ food stand – we each had two pulled pork sliders and we split sides of baked beans and coleslaw.  It was heavenly.  And after that we poured a ton of beer into our bellies.  I’m not a big drinker and even though I do love beer, I’ve been known to get sick when I drink on a stomach that doesn’t have enough food in it.  Thankfully, because of all the wonderful food options at our disposal, I didn’t have any stomach issues flare up and I was able to enjoy a beer buzz that enhanced my fun rather than dampening it.

The meaning behind your blog name

Write Now Damnit.  Because I need to, much more often than I have been.  The name came to me a long time ago, at another time in my life where I was considering starting a blog (but didn’t because of fear and made up excuses).  The fact that it was available when I made this blog was a sign I took from the universe being, “yep, you REALLY need to do this.  Get back up on that horse, lady, you CAN be a writer again, you CAN do this, right now, damnit!!”

Day four is short and sweet.  Day five is on its way...


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