Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day Three

(Sheesh, I'm really not off to a great start with keeping up on this challenge on a daily basis.  Believe me when I say I've been mentally beating myself up over this for the past few days.  In my defense, it was Labor Day weekend and all four days of the holiday weekend were spent with friends and family at an outdoor arts, music, and food festival in my city.  I had the absolute best time with everyone, especially my guy, and I know that opting to miss out on certain things to stay at home and write would've bummed me out.  So, I'll just go crazy and post for days three through eight today.

Also, I want to mention that the writing prompt lists I've been going by, the ones I found through Pinterest, well...  Let's just say that they could have a little more intellectual depth than they do.  I've also noticed a lot of repeats - I've gotten the prompt "what do you wear to bed" three different times, and that's still not something I want to bother writing about - it's be short and boring and wouldn't be helpful to me in the way I want this thirty day challenge to be.  So there may be some days where I use fewer prompts than others - I always want to have at least two, so that's the minimum I'm setting for myself.)

What kind of person attracts you?

I’m assuming this question was written to imply what attracts you to the people you’re attracted to, as in dating or intimate relationships.  My partner and I met through an online dating site, which means we made profiles detailing exactly what we were looking for in someone to date.  When he found my profile our compatibility rating was ranked at 83%, which makes sense because he is the epitome of what I find most attractive in another human being:

He is kind, generous, compassionate, and protective of the people he loves.  He is hilariously funny and can make jokes out of just about anything.  He is insightful, thoughtful, and considerate of how his words and actions affect other people.  He is calm and steady and can stand in the face of chaos with a cool attitude knowing everything will be fine or work itself out (a trait I SO WISH I HAD).  He’s always able to help me see “the big picture” when I come to him with whatever problem I’m having, and comfort me with logic and thought-provoking conversation that always brings me “back down to earth.”  He is incredibly handsome; I love his chiseled facial features, his kind eyes and the way they look while he’s laughing.  He’s tall and warm and I feel loved and protected when I’m nestled under the crook of his arm.  He’s just the best.

What is inside your purse?

Oh jeeze.  Well, let me start out with admitting that I am THAT GIRL when it comes to purses: I’m very picky and slightly snobby when it comes to the purses I carry.  Since hitting my twenties and being introduced to the wonderful world of Coach, I pretty much haven’t looked back since.  I don’t buy purses nearly as often as I used to when I carried Target bags, because the designer ones cost a fucking arm and a leg.  BUT, they hold up for the long haul, which is why I’m okay with paying a three digit total for a new bag once a year or so.  By rotating bags based on the season, meticulously caring for them and storing them properly when I’m not using them, I know that my collection will last for decades – hopefully long enough that I can eventually share them with my kids.

Onto what I actually carry in them…

1.       Wallet – for the longest time I carried the kind of wallet that resembles a brick.  Everything was stuffed into it, cards, cash, receipts, reward/punch cards, business cards, etc.  Last Christmas my Mom gifted me an armored wallet, one that protects your cards from scanners that can grab your personal info off of credit cards or hotel keys (eek! That freaked me out to find out!  I always keep and destroy those card keys after staying at a hotel now).  It forced me to cut down on the cards I carry, which needed to be done.  It didn’t take me long to get used to it, and now I can’t imagine using anything else.  Here’s a link to one on Amazon – the one I have is Starry Night, but if I ever need to replace it I’m thinking this one:


2.       Wristlet cash/coin purse – with switching to a card-only wallet I needed someplace to put cash and coins, even though I very rarely carry cash on me (a habit I need to break).  I have a teal colored Coach wristlet that serves this purpose, and it also holds the key card to my office building – I’m able to easily swipe the whole wristlet without taking it out for access to my workplace.

3.       Zippered mini bags – I’ve got two of these that float around in my purse, both from Fossil (and my lovely Mother).  The small one holds various medical/health items – medicated lip balm, tampons, birth control pills (THANKS OBAMA!), my boyfriend’s prescription eye drops, and a variety of pills that I could potentially need when away from my home (ibuprophen, allergy, Xanax, Zofran, Pepto, and a few other OTC for “emergency situations” that I won’t detail.  I’ve had many unfortunate situations arise when away from home, so I’ve learned that I just need to always have my mini-pharmacy around me at all times.)  The larger zippered bag holds all the other small items I feel the need to carry – wet wipes I’ve stolen from restaurants, Shout! stain wipes, cough drops and gum, ear buds, extra eyebrow wax and eyeliner, hair ties and bobby pins, pens and a Sharpie marker.

4.       Checkbook – am I the only twenty-something with a checkbook?  Maybe.  Up until recently I used it regularly to pay my rent at my last apartment complex.  But now that I’ve moved the address on my checks isn’t up to date, and given that pretty much everything I pay for is now done online I will probably procrastinate with getting new ones.  But I will eventually, because old habits die hard.

5.       Fitbit charger – Because my FitBit only tells me my battery is low at really inconvenient times.  I try to stay on top of it, but occasionally I need to plug it into my work computer at my office.  Plus, it helps me to keep it in the same place, and I know that storing it in my purse will help me to not lose it.

6.       Tanning goggles – Because old habits die hard.  I don’t fake bake like I used to at seventeen, but I still do occasionally for a good dose of light therapy.  I used to work in a tanning salon and we had to turn people away if they didn’t have eyewear or didn’t want to buy a new pair from us, so I just got used to always having a set on me.  I keep a spare in my car console too.

7.       Pocket knife – I was never someone that carries a knife, but an old boyfriend of mine was and it came in handy a lot.  After we parted ways I found one of his more basic ones among my belongings; knowing it wasn’t an expensive one, I kept it for myself and I find myself using it all the time.  It always impresses nearby males when I take it out of my purse, which makes me smile.

8.       Glasses – Because I wear glasses.  And when I have them on my sunglasses are kept in the case.  I’m always wearing one or the other, unless I’m at home.

9.       Keys – Because obvious reasons.

10.   Love Letter – a fantastic card game that is one of mine and my boyfriend’s favorites.  We often play this while waiting for food to come at a restaurant, or if we get to the movie theater super early before whatever screening we’re going to see. 


Your day, in great detail

Well, given that this was a DAY THREE prompt and I’m actually writing this on DAY EIGHT, I’ll do my best to walk you through what I did on September 3, 2015.

1.       Wake up at 6:30am – I groggily pet and cuddled my cat before going downstairs to feed the dogs and let them out.  While they do their dog things out in the yard I do a little bit of work on my laptop, before going back upstairs and cleaning myself up.

2.       Leave my home at 8:45am – I kiss my working-from-home-on-Thursdays boyfriend and head out the door for my hour long commute.  Leaving after most of the rush hour traffic helps tremendously AND helps avoid my cranky side from taking over my personality for the remainder of the day.  I’m usually listening to a podcast of some kind, which helps the hour go by faster.

3.       Arrive at my office by 10:00am – it’s the last day of the work week before the long holiday weekend, so I got to work last Thursday knowing it was going to be a heavy-load day.  The little bit of work I did at home in the morning helps with easing into the workload once I get to the office – my co-workers are already aware of what I need from them and by what time, so the majority of my day is just processing the information they submit.  (I’m sure I’ll go into more detail about the work I do at some point in the blog, but today’s not that day.)

4.       Leave my office by 4:30pm – this is also in an effort to keep the commute back home on the shorter side; I’ve found that if I’m on the highway in Ann Arbor by quarter to five, I’m able to get to the metro Detroit area within forty-five-ish minutes.  HOWEVER, last Thursday was the kickoff to the Michigan football season and I knew I was coming home to a gathering of friends we had invited over to watch the game.  So, instead of immediately heading home I stopped at an Ann Arbor area grocery store for a veggie tray, cheese, crackers, and disposable plates in order to offer our guests some munchie foods.

5.       Arrive home at 6:00/6:30pm – I can’t remember what time I pulled in my driveway last Thursday, so that’s just a guess.  My boyfriend was tossing a football in the front yard with his younger brother and his best friend from childhood.  I went into the house to tidy up the kitchen and set up the food I had bought.  My boyfriend’s brother contributed chips and salsa, and we also ended up with a White Castle crave case, so we had quite the spread going on.  But beer was flowing all night though so I was thankful we ended up with more than we needed – can’t drink on an empty stomach!

6.       I don’t remember when the football game started because I am not a huge football fan, but that’s what we all did for the remainder of the evening: hang out and watch football.  I spent most of the time chatting with a friend I met through my boyfriend, which was SUCH a wonderful alternative to the game, haha.  We see each other often but it’s usually to play board games with my boyfriend and her husband (they’ve all been friends since college) so conversations are always interrupted with, “hey! Pay attention, it’s your turn!”  We of course don’t mind because we’re all huge board game nerds, but it was just so nice to have hours of uninterrupted conversation with her.

7.       11:30pm/12:00am – This is when I’m guessing I headed to bed last Thursday.  I fed my cat dinner, took off my makeup, brushed my teeth, and curled up in bed.  Maybe I read a little on my Kindle app (currently reading “Mad Men on the Couch”), but probably only for a few minutes because damn, I was tired at the end of this day.

Phew!  Day four, coming soon!


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