Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Starting a Thirty Day Challenge

So, this isn't technically the "first day," (even though it is) this is just going to be a little blurb about why I'm doing this.  There will be two more posts after this one, covering Day 1 of the challenge as well as Day 2, which is what today technically is, being September 2nd and all.  I had been thinking of doing this challenge for the month of September for the past couple weeks, so I only have my own procrastinating to blame on not getting this up and running yesterday.  

Last month I was following a blog written by a girl I went to middle school and high school with (well, she's a woman; we both are, it's assumed, since ten years has flown by since we last shared the hallways and classrooms of the same school.  But I still don't feel like an adult, something that is obvious given me constantly referring to grown adults as "girls and boys."  I need to get over that).  Her blog also followed a thirty day challenge format, one geared towards single women with an intention to push one's self a little out of her comfort zone and maybe gain some new experiences.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading everything she had to say, and was constantly thinking to myself, "man, I should've done something like this when I was single."  I am currently very happily attached in the best relationship I've ever been in, so I didn't lust after the single girls challenge in that particular aspect.  It had more to do with the writing prompts and assistance with digging a little deeper into how you feel about certain things going on in your life.

For a long time I identified as a writer and I wrote often.  I kept a written journal for a handful of years at the start of high school, and then again when I was 18, 19 years old.  Eventually I fell out of habit though and, shamefully, it's been years since I feel like I've written anything of substance.  I know exactly why, and I'm sure it's something I'll eventually dig into during one of these days in September.  In some ways writing is like riding a bike - clearly I've been able to at least get this out - but I am still very aware of my "rustiness."  I need to practice, I need to find my groove again, I need to exercise this voice I have.

That's what this particular blog will be, for the month of September, at least.  While I want to hold onto hope that I'll keep it going once the month is over, I'm only going to focus on the present and I what I have immediate control over.  Today I opened this new blog.  Today I did a quick Pinterest search and found several thirty day writing challenge prompts to work with.  Today I will write something to count for yesterday, and I will write something to count for today.

Tomorrow, hopefully I will remember just how much I want to accomplish this, and that it is something that is very important to me.

There was a time when my answer to everyone's question of, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was, "a writer."  It's not too late for that to still be the case.

I have a lot of growing, and a lot of writing, left to do.


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